Saturday, November 27, 2004

Time to start throwing out the screenplay...

November 27, 2004

It's pretty much done. On Thanksgiving, I got the two principal actors together, to see how some scenes would (or would not) work. I think we've got it. And, when we shoot, maybe we'll do one improv take and one solid take. But, that's later.

So, today is Saturday... Sunday, I'll start sending the screenplay to important people. Mainly, the director of photography, Vince, and Allen. I need more crew and cast, too. I'll be more organized when I get locations and dates figured out.

The following week, seeking out business people and additional crew. Wow, this is a lot of work!

We will SO get this done!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Beauty King has liftoff...

Ok, I have a grant contract, so the equipment is covered. Thank you, IFP.

We've got a Director of Photography, four actors, a make-up artist, a costume supervisor, 4 tiaras, 2 crowns, 2 sceptors, and a mostly ready script. Well, it will be done by Thanksgiving. It better be, two of the actors are going to need it then.

So, the week after Thanksgiving, I will be papering the Carlson School of Management with flyers: "Want to work in the movie business? Make your connections now!" Whoever shows up can simply watch our budget or go investment hunting. Beggars can't be choosers. But, assuming there is an interest, what business major wouldn't seek out money, if I told them they'd be the first to get paid?

In the next week; I'll be fixing up the script, printing out legal releases, and maybe even register my production company with the state of Minnesota.

I plan to use this blog to keep my cast and crew up to date.