Thursday, June 09, 2005

So... we might have a change of plans...

Hey, all. We are still planning to shoot the scenes with King Andy alone and at home late this month.

We had a lot of technical problems with the Celebrity Bar scene, and I am now having trouble getting us back into the same location to reshoot it. We have three options:

1. Cut the scene down so much that it makes very little sense, but the visuals are usable.

2. Reshoot everything in another location.

3. Cut the scene out entirely and find another way to fix the hole it leaves.

Basically, I might just shoot the rest of the movie, and see what works, and how bad the footage looks against the other footage we get. Right now, I believe our best bet is to reshoot the whole scene in another location. I have a couple in mind, but if anyone has an idea, please email me!